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  1. Electronic Agreements

    Electronic Agreements


    This DNAapp creates and/or updates agreements in the specified Agreement Type to enable account-owner access to account information through a third-party internet-banking provider and / or the Voice Response (VRU) system. The application produces a detail report of the agreements created/updated, with totals.

  2. DNA Export

    DNA Export

    The DNA Export provides the ability to Print, Print Preview and Export (CSV or Excel formats) data in any grid displayed on the screen within DNA.
  3. Debit Card Round Up

    Debit Card Round Up


    This DNAapp includes two applications that work together to round up debit card purchases to the next whole dollar, deposit the round-up amount into a related account, and, optionally, match a percentage of the round up amount as an incentive to use the program.

  4. Collateral Protection Insurance Import

    Collateral Protection Insurance Import


    This DNAapp offers a Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) premium processing module for loan Accounts. Premium and refunds transactions can be imported and posted on accounts regardless of payment type from State National, CUNA Mutual, Southwest Business Corporation (SWBC), and Allied (using the SWBC file format).

  5. Branch Reassignment

    Branch Reassignment

    The Branch Reassignment app evaluates transaction activity for all accounts owned by a single person or organization and schedules the accounts to be moved to the branch where the person or organization primarily performs account transactions.
  6. At a Glance

    At a Glance

    This application gives the ability to view member verification data such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, DOB, SSN, open date, home branch of member and the ability to indicate the verification used.
  7. All Notes Screen

    All Notes Screen

    This DNAapp consolidates all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your staff can search, sort, filter and find relevant notes fast.
  8. All Accounts History

    All Accounts History

    This app creates a new screen that displays transaction activity for all accounts for which the selected Customer / Member is listed as the tax owner, and optionally, the non-Tax Owner.
  9. Agreement Delink

    Agreement Delink

    This DNAapp delinks accounts with designated statuses from Card Agreements or Electronic Agreements and optionally closes the Card Agreement or Inactivates the Electronic Agreement if there are no accounts linked.
  10. Address Change Audit

    Address Change Audit

    This DNAapp is an SQR that provides a list of all address changes made by branches or business units during a specified time period.

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