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  1. Warning and Lockout Automation

    Warning and Lockout Automation

    This DNAapp provides institutions with the ability to add/activate or inactivate a Warning Flag or Lockout Flag on a group of persons or accounts.
  2. Title Tracking Interface

    Title Tracking Interface

    This application provides an interface that allows for the electronic filing of new liens and/or release of liens on all titled vehicle loans.
  3. SAF Security Audit Report

    SAF Security Audit Report

    This DNAapp is a non-updating, daily application that will produce a report to assist you in tracking activity and privileges in the Shared Application Framework (SAF) environment.
  4. Overdraft Research Tool

    Overdraft Research Tool

    This DNAapp is a great way to streamline your customer service and research processes that involve overdraft research. By doing so you can provide better and faster customer service for your clients while lowering your overall cost to serve a client.
  5. Minor Account Type Changes

    Minor Account Type Changes

    This DNAapp allows for the changing of Minor Account types on Deposit and Loan accounts.
  6. Manage Combined Statements

    Manage Combined Statements

    This DNAapp links or delinks accounts for combined statements based on the tax owner, account roles, account titles and mailing address.
  7. Loan Skip Payment Service

    Loan Skip Payment Service

    This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.
  8. Escrow Overage Deposit

    Escrow Overage Deposit


    This DNAapp automatically deposits escrow overages into an accountholder’s primary share or deposit account after which the DNAapp adds a message to the accountholder’s Escrow Analysis Statement identifying the account that the surplus was deposited into. It reduces the costs of sending paper checks and provides accountholders access to their surplus funds faster.

  9. Escheat Processing

    Escheat Processing


    Reduce the number of escheatable accounts by updating the date of last contact on all of a customer / member accounts to the most recent contact date on any of that person's accounts.

  10. Enhanced Search

    Enhanced Search

    This DNAapp gives core users the ability to perform additional search queries. It enhances traditional core screen usability by offering multiple new search criteria all on one screen. Searches can now be performed faster and easier than ever before.

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