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  1. Security Inquiry

    Security Inquiry

    Security Inquiry enables your financial institution to inquire upon the access authorization details of an employee for any selected ‘Screen Name’ or ‘Transaction Type.’
  2. SAF Security Audit Report

    SAF Security Audit Report

    This DNAapp is a non-updating, daily application that will produce a report to assist you in tracking activity and privileges in the Shared Application Framework (SAF) environment.
  3. Returned Mail Update

    Returned Mail Update

    This is an online application that is accessible from ‘Returned/Resume Mail Workflow’ slide-out menu available from the ‘Edit Person’ and ‘Organization’ DNA screens. This menu have two options the user can select 1) No Mail and 2) Resume Mail.
  4. PSCU Real Time Credit Card Interface

    PSCU Real Time Credit Card Interface

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    This application allows a credit union to retrieve real-time credit card data from PSCU for a specific DNA external credit card account using PSCU’s Data eXchange interface.
  5. Overdraft Research Tool

    Overdraft Research Tool

    This DNAapp is a great way to streamline your customer service and research processes that involve overdraft research. By doing so you can provide better and faster customer service for your clients while lowering your overall cost to serve a client.
  6. Minor Exchange

    Minor Exchange

    This DNAapp automates the scheduling of minor changes for a specific group of accounts.
  7. Minor Account Type Changes

    Minor Account Type Changes

    This DNAapp allows for the changing of Minor Account types on Deposit and Loan accounts.
  8. Mail Restriction Maintenance

    Mail Restriction Maintenance


    New screen allows users to add/remove Verify Address – Returned Mail warning flag on the person/organization and add/remove mail holds on the person/organization's TRO accounts for Persons and Organizations.  

  9. Loans Paid Ahead Utility

    Loans Paid Ahead Utility

    The Loans Paid Ahead Utility application will restart your institution’s cash flow by resetting paid ahead loans back to a current date. The reset loan will create new receivables that will in turn restart your cash flow.
  10. Loan Skip Payment Service

    Loan Skip Payment Service

    This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.

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