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Revenue Enhancements

Revenue Enhancements

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  1. Velocity ILS Interface

    Velocity ILS Interface


    This DNAapp extracts data from DNA® on a daily basis to create four files required by Velocity Solutions' Intelligent Limit System (ILS) - an overdraft management and reporting system.

  2. Second Chance NSF

    Second Chance NSF


    This DNAapp will reevaluate transactions that originally raised "insufficient funds" or "uncollected funds" alerts from the ACH or Inclearing/Share draft processing, to determine if funds are now available to pay the item.

  3. Revenue Generator

    Revenue Generator

    Increase revenue by using tiered NSF and UCF fee schedules.
  4. ReserveLink Extract

    ReserveLink Extract


    The ReserveLink Extract is a batch application that generates one extract for checking and saving accounts in fixed length format (RESERVESWEEP.txt) and one report (RESERVELINK_EXTRACT).

  5. Inactivity Fee and Notice

    Inactivity Fee and Notice

    This DNAapp will assess service charges and produce notices for persons and organizations having no account activity.
  6. Flexible ATM Fees

    Flexible ATM Fees

    The Flexible ATM Fees DNAapp will assess ATM transaction fees based on flexible user-defined parameters and variables.
  7. Debit Card Round Up

    Debit Card Round Up


    This DNAapp includes two applications that work together to round up debit card purchases to the next whole dollar, deposit the round-up amount into a related account, and, optionally, match a percentage of the round up amount as an incentive to use the program.

  8. Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    This DNAapp enables users to offer business customers preferred commercial loan rates based on their average deposit balances. It helps offset the cost of loans by encouraging borrowers to maintain higher balances in their linked deposit accounts while simultaneously giving institutions a way to generate additional interest income if the threshold is not met.
  9. Bad Address Import

    Bad Address Import

    This DNAapp allows you to charge a primary savings account with an address locator fee, set up a warning flag, and hold all mail for accountholders with bad addresses.

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