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DNAapp Bundles

DNAapp Bundles

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  1. The Loan Monitor

    The Loan Monitor

    Regular Price: $2,700.00

    Special Price: $2,160.00

    The Loan Monitor bundle is designed to insure exceptions are brought to your attention quickly and efficiently so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner. Exceptions happen, but they don’t need to lead to costly and frustrating research exercises.
  2. The Analyzer

    The Analyzer

    Regular Price: $3,500.00

    Special Price: $2,800.00

    The Analyzer bundle is designed to make Account Analysis more efficient for your institution. Simple deposit relationships with few transactions do not require The Analyzer bundle, but add complexity to the relationship or the volume of accounts the tools within The Analyzer add efficiency to posting and calculations.
  3. Security Monitor

    Security Monitor

    Regular Price: $2,000.00

    Special Price: $1,600.00

    Increase the efficiency of your Audit department by purchasing the Security Monitor bundle. These four reports can provide them with tracking activity in SAF, Employee Authorizations, Failed Logins as well as Security inquiry functionality at the employee level by screen name or transaction type.
  4. Risk Manager

    Risk Manager

    Regular Price: $2,850.00

    Special Price: $2,280.00

    Protecting against inadvertent errors or overlooked exceptions in the loan portfolio is the purpose of this Risk Manager bundle.
  5. Person Records QC Suite

    Person Records QC Suite


    The Person Records QC Suite is designed to help your organization track and obtain critical contact information that is missing in DNA®. This bundle includes apps that provide the ability to track missing or expiring customer/member ID information, phone/email contact information, and person records missing ID’s or other forms of ID’s required by your FI. The Security Information app allows you to proactively review and monitor person records missing key security information. All of these apps give you the ability to add and release warning flags for these records in real-time, enabling your frontline to obtain this information when interacting with the customer or member.

  6. Member/Customer Service

    Member/Customer Service

    Regular Price: $23,000.00

    Special Price: $18,400.00

    Provide your customers/members with WOW service with this bundle. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing services that are unconventional and innovative.
  7. Loan Credit Evaluator

    Loan Credit Evaluator

    Regular Price: $9,495.00

    Special Price: $7,600.00

    The old saying goes “time is money” and nowhere in your institution is that more applicable than in the area of loans. How to get critical information upon which to make credible decisions is what the Loan Credit Evaluator bundle is all about.
  8. Efficiency Maximizer

    Efficiency Maximizer

    Regular Price: $17,500.00

    Special Price: $14,000.00

    Delight your branch and back office staff with the Efficiency Monitor bundle. Account or person maintenance can be daunting and time consuming. Why not spend that precious time on cultivating deeper relationships with your customer/member base.
  9. Delinquent Loan Manager

    Delinquent Loan Manager

    Regular Price: $24,500.00

    Special Price: $19,600.00

    Keep delinquent loans from creating new problems. Hold onto the balances in related deposit accounts by locking out unwanted debit transactions automatically.

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