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No one understands the DNA development needs of a financial institution better than another financial institution. Born as the software development department for Greylock Federal Credit Union, Greylock Technology Group (GTG) has the skills, knowledge and experience to help your institution get everything you want from DNA. Whether you need plug & play DNAapps, custom programming or Training and consulting, GTG is here for you.

Call or e-mail us today if you have any DNAapp needs or ideas. We’re here to help.

Primary Contact: Kevin Zimmer
Phone: 413-236-4040


Our available DNAapps:

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  1. Velocity ILS Interface

    Velocity ILS Interface


    This DNAapp extracts data from DNA® on a daily basis to create four files required by Velocity Solutions' Intelligent Limit System (ILS) - an overdraft management and reporting system.

  2. Student Loan Manager

    Student Loan Manager


    This application is created for financial institutions (FI) which offer student loans and would like to manage the student’s academic and loan records within DNA®.

  3. Sageworks Data Extract

    Sageworks Data Extract


    This DNAapp is a batch application that generates three distinct extract files containg information for import into the Sageworks financial software.

  4. Relationship Inquiry

    Relationship Inquiry


    The Relationship Inquiry DNA® Application displays pertinent member information to users who do not need access to account balances. A search function allows you to search by person or organization name. Upon search, a list of records is displayed that meets the search criteria.

  5. NDAW with Lexis Nexis

    NDAW with Lexis Nexis


    This DNAapp replaces the Verify/Qualify step within the NDAW with a new step that launches the Lexis Nexis Interface DNAapp. After attaining InstantID results, you can complete the new account opening process.

  6. LoanGrader Deposit Accounts Extract

    LoanGrader Deposit Accounts Extract

    This app extracts all deposit accounts that have an existing loan relationship either through the tax reported for (TRF) or a specified account role, or that currently have a negative balance regardless of a loan relationship, for use with the LoanGrader loan portfolio review solution from Lowenstein and Associates, P.C. The extracts can be used with other applications capable of digesting the extract data as well.
  7. Loan Credit Analysis

    Loan Credit Analysis

    The Loan Credit Analysis (LCA) screen displays loan information useful for overall loan quality analysis. Data ranging from credit scores for all borrowers on the account to detailed property and appraisal information is shown.
  8. Loan Change Review Report

    Loan Change Review Report

    This DNAapp reports data changes for loan accounts over a specified date range. The application has 22 optional sections that can be displayed, as well as a parameter that can be used to not report changes made by automated processes (e.g. batch loan changes).
  9. Lexis Nexis Interface

    Lexis Nexis Interface

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    The Lexis Nexis Web Service Interface is a screen which passes demographic data from DNA® to the Lexis Nexis Bridger Insight XG (BIXG) web service and returns both Watchlist (OFAC) and InstantID results.

  10. External Loan Service Maintenance

    External Loan Service Maintenance


    The External Loan Payment screen allows a financial institution to process transactions against externally serviced loan accounts.  The transaction descriptions are specifically formatted for processing via the interface files used in the FISERV MS_EXTENPLUS interface. 

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