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COCC is an experienced developer on the DNA® platform for the past 20 years. Our experience with DNA® development and support for 140 clients running DNA® today makes us uniquely qualified to deliver practical solutions. 

Client ownership and outstanding service grades give us the responsiveness you need to build the right app. 

Primary Contact: Jordan Moore 

Phone: +1 860 678 0444




Our available DNAapps:

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  1. Transaction History Print Report

    Transaction History Print Report

    This DNAapp transaction history print program prints all transaction and related information within a specified date range.
  2. Service Charge Activity View

    Service Charge Activity View

    The Service Charge Activity View DNAapp provides the Financial Institution a better view of Service Charge activities for Persons and Organizations. Users can view the service charges assessed and reversed for any person or organization through the new screen or generate the report for all persons and organizations.
  3. Security Inquiry

    Security Inquiry

    Security Inquiry enables your financial institution to inquire upon the access authorization details of an employee for any selected ‘Screen Name’ or ‘Transaction Type.’
  4. SAF Security Audit Report

    SAF Security Audit Report

    This DNAapp is a non-updating, daily application that will produce a report to assist you in tracking activity and privileges in the Shared Application Framework (SAF) environment.
  5. Outlook Event Scheduler

    Outlook Event Scheduler

    The Outlook Event Scheduler enables the financial institution to create a new appointment, new meeting and new task in Microsoft Outlook from the DNA screen.
  6. NSS Sales Tracking Extract

    NSS Sales Tracking Extract

    This DNAapp works directly with NSS Corporation and porvides tools to automate capturing sales data, implementing a sales culture, and incentive compensation.
  7. MHFA Remittance File

    MHFA Remittance File

    This DNAapp is designed for Massachussetts institutions to product an extract file that can be sent to the Massachussetts Housing Finance Authority, along with a report that summarizes the information on the extract file.
  8. Logon/Logoff Report

    Logon/Logoff Report

    This DNAapp shows a listing of all users who Signed-On to the database for any period of time and is a great way to audit your database access.
  9. Loan Transaction Exception Report

    Loan Transaction Exception Report

    This DNAapp provides a recap of transactional activity for loan accounts that meet certain exception criteria.
  10. Initial Escrow Deposit Calculator

    Initial Escrow Deposit Calculator

    Use this calculator DNAapp to quickly calculate what the Initial Escrow Deposit is required to cover the Escrow account shortage when booking a loan.

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