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Celero is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions to credit unions and financial institutions. A full-service IT company, Celero provides complete banking solutions, IT planning, systems integration, hosting, support, and professional services as well as analytics solutions and expertise. Celero meets the unique needs financial institutions and delivers world-class reliability and security through its Canadian-based data centers, employees, and operations. For more information visit
Celero serves and supports over 80 credit unions on the DNA platform in Canada. With over ten years of DNA experience, you can rely on Celero for quality DNAapps to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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Our available DNAapps:

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  1. User Field Update

    User Field Update

    The User Field Update DNAapp allows users to update a user defined field for multiple accounts/persons/organizations at once.
  2. TE Account Status Alert

    TE Account Status Alert

    The TE Account Status Alert DNAapp pop-up an alert message on the Transaction Express screen if the owner of the selected account has a delinquent loan account(s) or an overdraft (OD) on a chequing account(s).
  3. Statement Configurator

    Statement Configurator

    The Statement Configurator DNAapp allows users to accomplish the following: 1. Mirror the Statement Delivery Indicator (STDI) from product (minor) to all the associated accounts. 2. Mirror the Statement Delivery Indicator (STDI), Images per page (IMPP) variable, Print Image Front/Back (PIFB) variable and statement cycle date from primary account to all the linked secondary accounts.
  4. Social Media Contact Info

    Social Media Contact Info

    The Social Media Contact Info DNAapp allows users to capture social media username of their members.
  5. Retirement Plan Annual Summary Screen

    Retirement Plan Annual Summary Screen


    The Retirement Inquiry Additional Information Screen DNAapp creates a new screen in DNA® that allows users to view historical data on Retirement Accounts, such as Balances, Contributions and Distributions for prior years. The app can display up to 7 years’ worth of historical data from the current date, and all balances will be as of December 31 in the selected years.

  6. Quick Access Panel

    Quick Access Panel

    The Quick Access Panel DNAapp allows users to launch screens from a slide out available at a central location (Edit Person / Edit Organization / Relationship Profile).
  7. Person Occupation Classification

    Person Occupation Classification

    The Person Occupation DNAapp allows users to search and select correct National Occupation Classification (NOC) code and job title for their members.
  8. Member Card Wizard

    Member Card Wizard


    This DNAapp creates a new Wizard in DNA® that guides users through the process of creating/issuing regular and starter card agreements for a single person or organization in a step-by-step fashion. This DNAapp will only work for Canadian clients.

  9. Mailing Label Printing

    Mailing Label Printing


    Quickly print one or more mailing labels using the actively selected person or organization’s address or for all persons or organizations associated with an account

  10. MAD Retirement Update

    MAD Retirement Update

    The MAD Retirement Update app allows users to override the system calculated minimum amount on Retirement Plan Maintenance screen to a custom amount.

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