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Prometheus Financial Solutions LLC is an international consulting company with a primary focus on financial systems integration. Our team has worked with Open Solutions since 1999, and our team members have been involved with over 200 Open Solutions implementations efforts, including work both in the US and several other countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Thailand. Our team has been heavily involved in the development of over 70 international features for DNA to date.

Our team has specifically strong expertise in the areas of commercial loans, delinquent accounts and collections, troubled debt restructuring, SBA, and all investor and "non standard" areas of loan servicing.

Our development team is currently rolling out our Commercial Loan Suite, which is a collection of DNA enhancements designed for the business lending area. Our initial offerings include the new Collateral Search application, which allows the User to gain a snapshot overview of all collateral under a Person, Organization, or Account, the new Document Request application for streamlined document request review and tracking, and the new Fee Calculation application which allows the User to view the Borrower’s loan and collateral information in order to assess a fee, while also giving the flexibility to choose what values will be included in the fee calculation. 

Primary Contact: Tom Young

Phone: +1 817 403 7528




Our available DNAapps:

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  1. Batch Monitor

    Batch Monitor

    The Batch Monitor DNAapp is an online application that enables Financial Institutions to quickly and easily track and isolate batch application run-time performance, including trends and errors raised during the application runs.
  2. CIP Verification

    CIP Verification


    The CIP Verification DNAapp is an online real-time feature that allows the User to easily view AND add/maintain certain CIP information via a slide out function from multiple screens, including Deposit Account Maintenance, Relationship Profile and Transaction Express. 

  3. Combined Fee Notice

    Combined Fee Notice

    The Combined Fee Notice application is a non-updating application that allows a financial institution to produce one notice per account that contains all fee transactions posted within a selected reporting period.
  4. Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    This DNAapp enables users to offer business customers preferred commercial loan rates based on their average deposit balances. It helps offset the cost of loans by encouraging borrowers to maintain higher balances in their linked deposit accounts while simultaneously giving institutions a way to generate additional interest income if the threshold is not met.
  5. Compensating Balances Notice

    Compensating Balances Notice

    The Program Notice batch application is designed to produce a notice whenever a rate change occurs to a loan account that is in the Compensating Balances program.
  6. Debit Card Fraud Finder

    Debit Card Fraud Finder

    EFT team members can use this app to quickly research a reported fraudulent debit card use / breach for one or many cards, and not only identify where else the card(s) were used, but also check if other cards in the portfolio were used at the same merchant locations.
  7. DNA Test Optimizer

    DNA Test Optimizer


    The DNA® Test Optimizer application allows the Financial Institution to retrieve test data quickly and dynamically for pre-defined conditions.

  8. Document Request Enhancement

    Document Request Enhancement

    The Document Request app is an enhancement to the existing DNA document request functionality and allows the Financial Institution to combine multiple document types, as a request for outstanding items into a single notice.
  9. Enhanced Collateral Search

    Enhanced Collateral Search


    The Enhanced Collateral Search DNAapp will allow the user to obtain a snapshot of all collateral under a Person, Organization or Account

  10. Enhanced Late Charge Notice

    Enhanced Late Charge Notice

    The Enhanced Late Charge Notice is designed to produce a notice, at any given point in time at the request of a financial institution, to be sent to the borrower to inform them of their outstanding late charge balance due in an effort to collect the late charges as soon as possible.

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