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Loan Skip Payment Service 1 reviews

This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.

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SBA Credit Bureau Extract 0 reviews

This application creates an extract file containing loan account, owner, delinquent and charge off information.

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Flood Insurance Tracking 0 reviews

This application generates an ASCII Text, Tab-delimited extract for eligible loan accounts that can be provided to a third party vendor

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Quick Member Verification 0 reviews

Quick Member Verification allows contact center employees to quickly and efficiently validate members over the phone via out-of-wallet questions and answers.

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Charge Off Recovery 0 reviews

This application can increase efficiency by automating a series of actions that would otherwise be manual when processing recovered payments on charge off loan accounts.

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Management Holds Menu Item 0 reviews

Management Holds Menu Item DNAapp is a simple menu addition to the Inquires menu on both the Rejected Reconciliation and Rejected Account Detail screens.

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Positive Pay Exception Reconciliation 0 reviews
To support the Positive Pay process, this application will create two extract files. The first extract file lists all transactions with exceptions and the second extract file attempts to match the action items to the exceptions to transaction items in DNA and lists the action items to be processed.
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Contact Change History 0 reviews
The Contact Change History DNAapp displays the history of changes made to Member/Customer Contact information, which includes Address, Email and Phone number.
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