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Wells Fargo FHLB/MPFX File 0 reviews

This application automates the creation of the investor remittance file for FHLB loans in the MPFX program.  This will allow the financial institution to submit the file in a timely and accurate manner.

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Account Transfer Number Mask 0 reviews
This application identifies account transfer transactions and masks a portion of the account number in the transaction description.
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Max Daily OD Protection Fee 0 reviews

This batch Job gives rebate on overdraft protection transfer fee per day.

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Expanded Collections Interface 0 reviews

This application, in conjunction with the collections application, can help you potentially recover lost revenue from delinquent loans and overdrawn deposit accounts.

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Debit Card Roundup Summary 0 reviews

The Debit Card Roundup Summary Slideout provides a quick snapshot of month-to-date and year-to-date totals of Debit Card Roundup deposit transactions.

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Check Funds History 0 reviews
This DNAapp allows tellers to review customer’s transactions that used checks, including checks cashed/deposited at the ITM.
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Deposit Charge-off Automation 0 reviews

This application automates the deposit charge off process by processing the charge off on accounts meeting the charge off criteria from the Core DNA® application, Deposit Accounts Eligible for Charge Off (DP_CHNEG).

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RMD Calculator & Notice 0 reviews

This application identifies members turning 70.5 within the upcoming year and anyone already over 70.5, populates the minimum distribution amount appropriately within DNA® and generates minimum distribution letters to members.

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