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HELOC Product Update Utility 0 reviews

HELOC Product Update Utility automates loan product changes for Home Equity Lines of Credits at the end of the draw period.

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LMS Data Extract 0 reviews

The LMS Data Extract application provides a parameter-driven process for the creation of Deposit, Loan and Member extract files for use by credit analysis software.

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Predictive Analytics for Segmint™ 0 reviews

Predictive Analytics for Segmint™ DNAapp is designed for a Financial Institution to provide transaction and additional data that is loaded into the Segmint™ system for processing and analysis.

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Relationship Rewards Program 0 reviews

The Relationship Rate Rewards Program DNAapp allows the Financial Institution a flexible way to provide qualified accounts higher interest rate thus rewarding the customer/member for their relationship with the Financial Institution.

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Bad Address Fee Assessment 0 reviews

The Bad Address Fee Assessment DNAapp increases fee income by automating the assessment of a customer level bad address fee.

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Insurance Escrow Import 0 reviews

This application imports insurance and escrow disbursement information from third party vendors.

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Cards to eAgreements Conversion Utility 0 reviews

This application automates the process of migrating existing card agreements used for online banking to eAgreements.

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Loan Skip Payment Service 1 reviews

This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.

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