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Debit Card Cash Back 0 reviews

Custom batch application that accumulates per-transaction rewards at the account level for debit card transactions.

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Dealer Expense for Loans Sold 0 reviews

This batch application recognizes the unamortized dealer expense on the sold portion of the loan; pass an entry to the loan account reducing the deferred expense.

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Loan Investor Rate Update 0 reviews

This application enables financial institutions to adjust the rate on investor loans as per the rate change on the loan account.

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Ficanex Service Eligibility File 0 reviews

The Ficanex Service Eligibility File (FSEF) DNAapp gathers up-to-date cardholder information and creates both a report and extract file so this information can be uploaded to the Ficanex tunl. environment.

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Automated Investor Loan Origination 0 reviews
This application enables Financial Institutions to prepare a group of loans for sale to multiple investors based upon defined percentage criteria for each investor through an automated process.
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Wells Fargo FHLB/MPFX File 0 reviews

This application automates the creation of the investor remittance file for FHLB loans in the MPFX program.  This will allow the financial institution to submit the file in a timely and accurate manner.

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Account Transfer Number Mask 0 reviews
This application identifies account transfer transactions and masks a portion of the account number in the transaction description.
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Max Daily OD Protection Fee 0 reviews

This batch Job gives rebate on overdraft protection transfer fee per day.

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