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  • RMD Calculator & Notice
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Deposit Charge-off Automation 0 reviews

This application automates the deposit charge off process by processing the charge off on accounts meeting the charge off criteria from the Core DNA® application, Deposit Accounts Eligible for Charge Off (DP_CHNEG).

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RMD Calculator & Notice 0 reviews

This application identifies members turning 70.5 within the upcoming year and anyone already over 70.5, populates the minimum distribution amount appropriately within DNA® and generates minimum distribution letters to members.

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CS Software Inventory 0 reviews
This application helps to identify the custom DNA software that financial institution has installed on database.
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Balance Summary Request 0 reviews

The Balance Summary Request DNAapp provides a new easily accessible, straightforward screen that will accommodate printing or emailing all or a custom selection of a person or organization’s deposit and/or loan account balances.

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Reverse OD Protection Fee 0 reviews

Reverse OD Protection Fee is a batch application designed to run daily to evaluate each account having an overdraft protection transfer fee (OPTF) for the current post date and reverse it if certain conditions are met.

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Debit Card Network Reconciliation 0 reviews

This program will provide reports which will enable the user to reconcile debit card transactions appearing in DNA with those reported by Fiserv services.

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Foreign ATM Surcharge Rebates 0 reviews

Foreign ATM Surcharge Rebates DNAapp calculates/refunds foreign ATM surcharge fees that are charged by the other financial institution (owner of the ATM).

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Sageworks Data Extract 0 reviews

This DNAapp is a batch application that generates three distinct extract files containg information for import into the Sageworks financial software.

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Check Funds History 0 reviews
This DNAapp allows tellers to review customer’s transactions that used checks, including checks cashed/deposited at the ITM.
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