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  • Zelle Zoe File Extract
  • Note Purge Utility
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  • ACH Business Requests

ACH Origination Controls 0 reviews
This DNAapp provides the ability to assist with risk management on files that contain transactions that are being originated to other institutions from an account within the institution.
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Quick Member Verification 0 reviews

Quick Member Verification allows contact center employees to quickly and efficiently validate members over the phone via out-of-wallet questions and answers.

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Zelle Zoe File Extract 0 reviews

For financial institutions using the Zelle Network, the Zelle ZOE File Extract assists in meeting the Zelle requirement to report account owner element data for checking and savings accounts.

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Note Purge Utility 0 reviews
This application allows a financial institution to easily document, delete and purge notes from their database through DNA.
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Teller Marketing for NEXT 0 reviews

The goal of this DNAapp is to improve the accessibility for tellers with the Fiserv DNA NEXT application. The slide-out functionality will allow the tellers to continue with their daily duties without the disruption of member service when attempting to cross sell a product/service or inform the member of a message from Financial Institution.

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Dovetail Bridge 0 reviews

This Dovetail Interface bridge app document outlines the major components necessary to integrate DNA® with the Dovetail Payments Platform.

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Account Origination Data File 0 reviews

This batch application creates a data file of account system codes that can be sent to other systems which would otherwise be manual.

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ACH Business Requests 0 reviews

This app provides the ability to see incoming business ACH activity on business DDA's and Orgs to help make business decisions on that data.

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