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Cards to eAgreements Conversion Utility 0 reviews

This application automates the process of migrating existing card agreements used for online banking to eAgreements.

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User Field Search 0 reviews

This application will enable your users to be able to search for Person, Organization or Account records that contain a value for the selected custom user field.

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External Mortgage Payments for DNA 0 reviews

This application increases efficiency for the institution by automating the generation of a payment file for the vendor and moving the funds to the appropriate General Ledger accounts.

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VALERI Loan Reporting 0 reviews

This app generates a report of “non-claim events” as required for the loans that are insured through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).


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Statement Cycle Automation 0 reviews

Statement Cycle Automation DNAapp automates the assignment / reassignment of statement cycles for accounts in order to achieve a balanced distribution across cycles.

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Inbound ACH Fraud Review - Name Match 0 reviews

This application will allow a financial institution to review any ACH item where the name in the ACH file does not match a name on the account the item will post against. 

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Account Insert Utility 0 reviews

Account Insert Utility DNAapp is a custom batch application that will retrieve account information from a comma delimited file (.csv) and upload this information to DNA™. The application will also insert a warning flag to the newly inserted accounts.

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Loan Skip Payment Service 1 reviews

This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.

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