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  • DNA Test Optimizer
  • Full Service Credit
  • Authorization Role Compare
  • Quick Loan View
  • Smart Search
  • Contact Inquiry
  • Debit Rewards
  • Transacting Person Check History

DNA Test Optimizer 0 reviews
The DNA Test Optimizer application allows the Financial Institution to retrieve test data quickly and dynamically for pre-defined conditions.
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Full Service Credit 0 reviews
This Full Service Credit v. 1.2 package includes major components necessary to install and run the Fiserv Full Service Credit (FSC) interface in DNA.
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Authorization Role Compare 0 reviews
The Authorization Role Compare tool allows you to quickly identify permissions and authorization items for an authorization code.
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Quick Loan View 0 reviews
The Loan Quick Look DNAapp is a slide out tab on the relationship profile screen that brings common loan information to the forefront for quicker member communication.
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Smart Search 0 reviews
Smart Search DNAapp intelligently searches for matches based on search criteria and returns customer/member information along with information about related people and organizations based on the roles they have.
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Contact Inquiry 0 reviews
This DNAapp will provide users with a fast, easy way to review current contact information (address, phone, and email), as well as historical changes for a person or organization made within a specified date range.
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Debit Rewards 0 reviews
This application is designed to provide members/customers with cash back each month based on the number of POS withdrawals performed on specific checking account minors.
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Transacting Person Check History 0 reviews
Transacting Person Check History DNAapp will help Institution to monitor check history by transacting person.
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