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Reverse OD Protection Fee 0 reviews

Reverse OD Protection Fee is a batch application designed to run daily to evaluate each account having an overdraft protection transfer fee (OPTF) for the current post date and reverse it if certain conditions are met.

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Debit Card Network Reconciliation 0 reviews

This program will provide reports which will enable the user to reconcile debit card transactions appearing in DNA with those reported by Fiserv services.

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Foreign ATM Surcharge Rebates 0 reviews

Foreign ATM Surcharge Rebates DNAapp calculates/refunds foreign ATM surcharge fees that are charged by the other financial institution (owner of the ATM).

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Sageworks Data Extract 0 reviews

This DNAapp is a batch application that generates three distinct extract files containg information for import into the Sageworks financial software.

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Info-Pro Tax Update 0 reviews
Info-Pro Tax Update is a custom batch application that reads a file from INFO-PRO in order to update property tax amounts in DNA.
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Account Analysis Cash Counts 0 reviews
This application analyzes cash transactions and increments Account Analysis counters based on the amount of cash deposited and withdrawn against a commercial analysis account.
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Dispute Tracking Extracts 0 reviews

This application produces series of daily extract files which can be uploaded to the Dispute Tracking System for Financial Institutions using third party transaction a Dispute Tracking Application.

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Nautilus ECM API Interface 0 reviews
The Nautilus ECM API Interface DNAapp replaces the existing Web Services toolkit functionality with corresponding ECM API library calls
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