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  1. Transaction History Menu Link

    Transaction History Menu Link

    The Transaction History Menu Link makes the Transaction History screen accessible from the Deposit Account Maintenance screen.
  2. SAF Security Audit Report

    SAF Security Audit Report

    This DNAapp is a non-updating, daily application that will produce a report to assist you in tracking activity and privileges in the Shared Application Framework (SAF) environment.
  3. Overdraft Research Tool

    Overdraft Research Tool

    This DNAapp is a great way to streamline your customer service and research processes that involve overdraft research. By doing so you can provide better and faster customer service for your clients while lowering your overall cost to serve a client.
  4. Mail Restriction Maintenance

    Mail Restriction Maintenance


    New screen allows users to add/remove Verify Address – Returned Mail warning flag on the person/organization and add/remove mail holds on the person/organization's TRO accounts for Persons and Organizations.  

  5. Loan Change Review Report

    Loan Change Review Report

    This DNAapp reports data changes for loan accounts over a specified date range. The application has 22 optional sections that can be displayed, as well as a parameter that can be used to not report changes made by automated processes (e.g. batch loan changes).
  6. Enhanced Search

    Enhanced Search

    This DNAapp gives core users the ability to perform additional search queries. It enhances traditional core screen usability by offering multiple new search criteria all on one screen. Searches can now be performed faster and easier than ever before.
  7. DNA Export

    DNA Export

    The DNA Export provides the ability to Print, Print Preview and Export (CSV or Excel formats) data in any grid displayed on the screen within DNA.
  8. All Notes Screen

    All Notes Screen


    This DNAapp consolidates all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your staff can search, sort, filter and find relevant notes fast. 

  9. Address Change Inquiry

    Address Change Inquiry

    This application allows users to verify if the mailing address of a person or organization was changed in the system within a certain time period.
  10. Address Change Audit

    Address Change Audit

    This DNAapp is an SQR that provides a list of all address changes made by branches or business units during a specified time period.

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