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  1. Upcoming Inactive Account Letters

    Upcoming Inactive Account Letters


    Provides a daily report of accounts that will become inactive within a certain timeframe with option to generate letters that can be mailed to customers with information on how to avoid the account from becoming dormant.

  2. Transaction Exception Trends

    Transaction Exception Trends

    This DNAapp an online application with a single new screen that allows the user to obtain an online snapshot of historical exception tracking with several filtering options, including by Financial Institution, Branch, Employee, and Overriding Employee, over a period of time designated by the User.
  3. The Analyzer

    The Analyzer

    Regular Price: $3,500.00

    Special Price: $2,800.00

    The Analyzer bundle is designed to make Account Analysis more efficient for your institution. Simple deposit relationships with few transactions do not require The Analyzer bundle, but add complexity to the relationship or the volume of accounts the tools within The Analyzer add efficiency to posting and calculations.
  4. Social Media Contact Info

    Social Media Contact Info

    The Social Media Contact Info DNAapp allows users to capture social media username of their members.
  5. Retirement Account Link Workflow Step

    Retirement Account Link Workflow Step


    This DNAapp adds a new workflow step to the New Deposit Account Wizard, streamlining the process of linking a new retirement account to an existing retirement plan by enabling the User to link a new account to an existing retirement plan during the new deposit account workflow process instead of having to do it after the fact by performing maintenance on the newly created account.

  6. Relationship Inquiry

    Relationship Inquiry

    The Relationship Inquiry DNA Application displays pertinent member information to users who do not need access to account balances. A search function allows you to search by person or organization name. Upon search, a list of records is displayed that meets the search criteria.
  7. Relationship Credit Inquiry

    Relationship Credit Inquiry

    The Relationship Credit Inquiry DNAapp provides a snapshot of a person or organization’s accounts and loans with the financial, as well as the most important details of each. The single screen contains sixty fields drawn from approximately twenty-three separate DNA screens, allowing an employee to quickly and accurately assess current and past relationship credit.
  8. Quick Access Panel

    Quick Access Panel

    The Quick Access Panel DNAapp allows users to launch screens from a slide out available at a central location (Edit Person / Edit Organization / Relationship Profile).
  9. Premium OD GL Transfer

    Premium OD GL Transfer

    If you use Premium Overdraft for DNA in Pending Processing mode, this app will differentiate Premium OD NSF fees from traditional NSF fees based on whether or not an item was paid, reducing support requests while enabling staff to perform more granular fee income analysis.
  10. New Customer Data File

    New Customer Data File

    This DNAapp produces a CSV data file of all new people who joined a financial institution during a configurable time period.

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