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Celero is a leading provider of IT solutions to financial institutions across Canada. Consistently ranked among the world’s top financial technology companies on the annual FinTech 100 list, Celero has over 250 employees located across Canada. Celero provides complete banking solutions, IT planning, systems integration, hosting, support, maintenance and professional services to meet the unique needs of financial institutions of all sizes through its Canadian-based data centres, employees and operations.


Celero serves and supports over 80 credit unions on the DNA platform in Canada. With over ten years of DNA experience, you can rely on Celero for quality DNAapps to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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Our available DNAapps:

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  1. Retirement Plan Annual Summary Screen

    Retirement Plan Annual Summary Screen

    The Retirement Inquiry Additional Information Screen DNAapp creates a new screen in DNA that allows users to view historical data on Retirement Accounts, such as Balances, Contributions and Distributions for prior years. The app can display up to 7 years’ worth of historical data from the current date, and all balances will be as of December 31 in the selected years.
  2. Member Card Wizard

    Member Card Wizard

    This DNAapp creates a new Wizard in DNA that guides users through the process of creating/issuing regular and starter card agreements for a single person or organization in a step-by-step fashion. This DNAapp will only work for Canadian clients.
  3. Mailing Label Printing

    Mailing Label Printing


    Quickly print one or more mailing labels using the actively selected person or organization’s address or for all persons or organizations associated with an account

  4. Employee Activity Monitor Screen

    Employee Activity Monitor Screen


    Employee Activity Monitor Screen is a robust DNAapp that enables users to monitor, review, and approve/reject user-defined categorization of employee activities. This application displays maintenance activities that have occurred based upon user defined criteria such as Status, Group and Categories, date range and employees designated to that group. 

  5. eAgreement Disclaimer Flag Tool

    eAgreement Disclaimer Flag Tool

    The E-Agreement Disclaimer Flag Reset DNAapp allows users to mass reset the e-agreement disclaimer flags for a specific access type in DNA. This application displays the number of e-agreement disclaimers status for the selected access type before and after processing the reset request.

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