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  1. Web Links Dashboard

    Web Links Dashboard

    This DNAapp provides financial institutions a centralized location to house and group commonly used web links within DNA.
  2. Verification of Deposit

    Verification of Deposit

    This DNAapp provides a streamlined process to complete Verification of Deposit requests by allowing the user to select the number of months to use for the Average Balance and change the Thru Date for Current and Average Balances. There are options to print dividend information and active accounts only.
  3. Upcoming Inactive Account Letters

    Upcoming Inactive Account Letters


    Provides a daily report of accounts that will become inactive within a certain timeframe with option to generate letters that can be mailed to customers with information on how to avoid the account from becoming dormant.

  4. Service Charge Activity View

    Service Charge Activity View

    The Service Charge Activity View DNAapp provides the Financial Institution a better view of Service Charge activities for Persons and Organizations. Users can view the service charges assessed and reversed for any person or organization through the new screen or generate the report for all persons and organizations.
  5. Security Information Watch

    Security Information Watch

    The Security Information DNAapp is an online application that allows the User to proactively review and monitor person records that have missing key security information, such as keywords, tax identification numbers, and birthdates, along with being able to add and release warning flags for these records in real-time to help monitor these records that need attention.
  6. Role Reassignment

    Role Reassignment

    Automated way to change an account officer, personal banker or any other account roles.
  7. Retirement Plan Summary

    Retirement Plan Summary

    The purpose of the application is to display Retirement Plan information for an account tax owner conveniently on a single screen. This application displays a summary of all retirement accounts associated to the tax owner of the selected Retirement Plan Account Number. Retirement Accounts are grouped by Plan Number and Total Balance (based on account’s Note Balance type) is displayed for each group.
  8. Retirement Account Link Workflow Step

    Retirement Account Link Workflow Step


    This DNAapp adds a new workflow step to the New Deposit Account Wizard, streamlining the process of linking a new retirement account to an existing retirement plan by enabling the User to link a new account to an existing retirement plan during the new deposit account workflow process instead of having to do it after the fact by performing maintenance on the newly created account.

  9. Relationship Team View

    Relationship Team View

    This DNAapp displays user field values for the Tax Reported for Owner of the Account, limited to the user fields listed in the User Field section. This new screen can be accessed from the relationship profile screen.
  10. Relationship Inquiry

    Relationship Inquiry

    The Relationship Inquiry DNA Application displays pertinent member information to users who do not need access to account balances. A search function allows you to search by person or organization name. Upon search, a list of records is displayed that meets the search criteria.

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