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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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  1. The Analyzer

    The Analyzer

    Regular Price: $3,500.00

    Special Price: $2,800.00

    The Analyzer bundle is designed to make Account Analysis more efficient for your institution. Simple deposit relationships with few transactions do not require The Analyzer bundle, but add complexity to the relationship or the volume of accounts the tools within The Analyzer add efficiency to posting and calculations.
  2. Sphere of Influence Extract

    Sphere of Influence Extract

    This is a non-updating, batch application that produces an extract file that contains pertinent business information that can be imported into the Sphere of Influence application by Prometheus Financial Solutions LLC
  3. Participation Summary Screen

    Participation Summary Screen

    The Participation Summary application is designed to allow a Financial Institution to view a loan with multiple participation agreements on a single screen. The Participation Summary screen will list the information regarding the Borrower’s loan and will also consolidate the information on all participants attached to the loan and display any remaining balance that could be sold to another Investor or Financial Institution
  4. Loan Fee Calculator

    Loan Fee Calculator

    The new Fee Calculation screen allows the User to view the Borrower’s loan and collateral information in order to assess a fee, while also giving the flexibility to choose what values will be included in the fee calculation and how the fee will be calculated.
  5. Experian Commercial Loan Report

    Experian Commercial Loan Report

    Reduce customer late payments on commercial loan accounts by reporting accounts receivable information to Experian.
  6. Document Request Enhancement

    Document Request Enhancement

    The Document Request DNAapp is an enhancement to the existing DNA document request functionality and allows the Financial Institution to combine multiple document types, as a request for outstanding items into a single notice.
  7. Customer Services Display

    Customer Services Display

    Customer Services Display is a simple slide-out panel that shows certain card agreement types or user fields and whether or not a customer is enrolled in them or how many of their accounts are enrolled in them.
  8. Criticized Assets Report

    Criticized Assets Report

    The Criticized Asset Report assists in the monitoring of an institutions criticized assets. It collects all the information needed by Lenders, Credit Departments, Loan Review and Risk Management Departments to allow for quick analysis without wading through several screens of information.
  9. Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    Compensating Balances for Business Loans

    This DNAapp enables users to offer business customers preferred commercial loan rates based on their average deposit balances. It helps offset the cost of loans by encouraging borrowers to maintain higher balances in their linked deposit accounts while simultaneously giving institutions a way to generate additional interest income if the threshold is not met.
  10. Commercial Business Profiler

    Commercial Business Profiler

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    This multiple screen app provides a one-stop hub for a financial institution to review and investigate a business and its owners’/officers’ financial activities before offering a new service or approving a new account. The app also analyzes an FI's commercial growth dynamics and account composition by zip code, industry, type and more.

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