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  1. Unlock ATM Card Holds

    Unlock ATM Card Holds

    This DNAapp inactivates card authorization holds and runs through “File Loader”.
  2. TWS ATM Extract

    TWS ATM Extract

    This DNAapp produces an extract file of Propriety ON-US ATM transactions for input into the TWS system. This application runs daily.
  3. PSCU Real Time Credit Card Interface

    PSCU Real Time Credit Card Interface

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    This application allows a credit union to retrieve real-time credit card data from PSCU for a specific DNA external credit card account using PSCU’s Data eXchange interface.
  4. Print Debit Card Agreement

    Print Debit Card Agreement

    This DNAapp allows user to create Card Agreement file with Person’s or Organization’s information and open it in default PDF file Reader. The purpose of the application is to eliminate manual process of filling a paper form with member’s data.
  5. Foreign ATM Rebates

    Foreign ATM Rebates

    This DNAapp will rebate foreign ATM service charges.
  6. e-Transfer Limit View

    e-Transfer Limit View

    The E-Transfer Limits View DNAapp allows a user to view different transfer limits available to a person at a Financial Institution. This DNAapp allows users to quickly view the remaining limits and advise the customers, in case the customer is not able to transfer funds due to complete utilization of the limits available to them.
  7. Debit Card Round Up

    Debit Card Round Up

    Round up customer/member ATM/Debit Card transactions to the nearest dollar and deposit the funds into the customer/member's account. You can also match a percentage of the round-up as a further incentive to encourage debit card use.
  8. Debit Card Rewards

    Debit Card Rewards

    The Debit Card Rewards DNAapp is designed to provide members/customers with cash back each month based on the number of POS withdrawals performed on specific checking account minors.
  9. Debit Card Fraud Finder

    Debit Card Fraud Finder

    EFT team members can use this app to quickly research a reported fraudulent debit card use / breach for one or many cards, and not only identify where else the card(s) were used, but also check if other cards in the portfolio were used at the same merchant locations.
  10. Combined NSF Daily Notice

    Combined NSF Daily Notice

    This DNAapp generates a single NSF notice per day per account when an account has one or more overdrawn ATM and/or POS transactions in a single day.

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