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  • Electronic Agreements
  • Debit Card Fraud Finder
  • Escheat Processing
  • Security Monitor
  • ATM Rebate
  • TDR Modified Loans Report
  • Returned Mail Update
  • All Notes Screen
  • Upcoming Inactive Account Lett...
  • Mailing Label Printing
  • NDAW with Lexis Nexis
  • 1099INT Breakdown
  • Lending Insights Extract
  • Informant Interface

Electronic Agreements 0 reviews
This DNAapp creates and/or updates agreements in the specified Agreement Type to enable account-owner access to account information through a third-party internet-banking provider and / or the Voice Response (VRU) system. The application produces a detail report of the agreements created/updated, with totals.
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Debit Card Fraud Finder 0 reviews
EFT team members can use this app to quickly research a reported fraudulent debit card use / breach for one or many cards, and not only identify where else the card(s) were used, but also check if other cards in the portfolio were used at the same merchant locations.
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Escheat Processing 0 reviews

Reduce the number of escheatable accounts by updating the date of last contact on all of a customer / member accounts to the most recent contact date on any of that person's accounts.

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Security Monitor 0 reviews
Increase the efficiency of your Audit department by purchasing the Security Monitor bundle. These four reports can provide them with tracking activity in SAF, Employee Authorizations, Failed Logins as well as Security inquiry functionality at the employee level by screen name or transaction type.
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ATM Rebate 0 reviews
This DNAapp rebates ATM service charges per person or organization up to a predefined number of times.
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TDR Modified Loans Report 0 reviews
This DNAapp displays information about loans and credit cards that have been restructured. This report uses data input from the Troubled Debt Restructure Tracking DNAapp by Redstone (a.k.a. Loan Restructure Tracking).
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Returned Mail Update 0 reviews
This is an online application that is accessible from ‘Returned/Resume Mail Workflow’ slide-out menu available from the ‘Edit Person’ and ‘Organization’ DNA screens. This menu have two options the user can select 1) No Mail and 2) Resume Mail.
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All Notes Screen 0 reviews

This DNAapp consolidates all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your staff can search, sort, filter and find relevant notes fast. 

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Upcoming Inactive Account Letters 0 reviews

Provides a daily report of accounts that will become inactive within a certain timeframe with option to generate letters that can be mailed to customers with information on how to avoid the account from becoming dormant.

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Mailing Label Printing 0 reviews

Quickly print one or more mailing labels using the actively selected person or organization’s address or for all persons or organizations associated with an account

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NDAW with Lexis Nexis 0 reviews

This DNAapp replaces the Verify/Qualify step within the NDAW with a new step that launches the Lexis Nexis Interface DNAapp. After attaining InstantID results, you can complete the new account opening process.

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1099INT Breakdown
0 reviews
This application provides a screen that displays year to date interest earned on all accounts for a selected customer for the current and prior years. This screen eliminates the need to research and manually calculate interest on each account individually for yearend reporting.
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Lending Insights Extract 0 reviews

The Lending Insights Extract provides an easy method for financial institutions to get relevant data extracted from DNA™, to be used by Lending Insights Loan Portfolio Performance analysis software.

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Informant Interface 0 reviews
This DNAapp provides an interface from DNA to the Informant™ risk management and regulatory compliance system. The DNA to Informant Interface application is free with the purchase of Informant.
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