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  • ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager
  • At a Glance
  • SBA Metro II File
  • Rate Risk Monitor
  • Customer Services Display
  • Batch Monitor
  • Loan Charge Off Automation
  • Identity Keyword Display
  • Inventory Manager
  • Transaction Person Check History

ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager 0 reviews
ELMO is a multi-screen DNAapp that helps financial institutions streamline member/customer branch visits. Users can create visits, monitor visits, view lobby snapshots, and generate valuable data-rich reports for more informed staffing and branch decision making. Its admin tool lets users configure the app for their unique needs and manage it during operation.
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At a Glance 0 reviews
This application gives the ability to view member verification data such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, DOB, SSN, open date, home branch of member and the ability to indicate the verification used.
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SBA Metro II File 0 reviews
The application enables financial institution to change the information in file created by LN_METROIIFILE to satisfy the SBA loan credit reporting.
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Rate Risk Monitor 0 reviews
This common application creates an extract to be used by a third party Interest Rate Risk Monitor application. This application program writes account and interest parameter information to a text file.
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Customer Services Display 0 reviews
Customer Services Display is a simple slide-out panel that shows certain card agreement types or user fields and whether or not a customer is enrolled in them or how many of their accounts are enrolled in them.
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Batch Monitor 0 reviews
The Batch Monitor DNAapp is an online application that enables Financial Institutions to quickly and easily track and isolate batch application run-time performance, including trends and errors raised during the application runs.
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Loan Charge Off Automation 0 reviews
This application automates the loan charge off process by processing the charge off on eligible accounts.
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Identity Keyword Display 0 reviews
Identity Keyword Display DNAapp provides access to the member or customer keyword used to verify identity. This is often used by call centers to ensure a caller is who they say they are. The Member Keyword Slideout allows institutions to provide access to the personal keyword without providing access to all the other sensitive fields located on the Person screen.
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Inventory Manager 0 reviews
The Inventory Manager application enables the financial institution to load, track, transfer, update and sell inventories such as gift cards, tickets, coupons, postage stamps, etc. through custom screens and reports.
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Transaction Person Check History 0 reviews
Transacting Person Check History DNAapp will help Institution to monitor check history by transacting person.
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