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  • Account/Relationship Analyzer
  • Loan Skip Payment Service
  • Overdraft Research Tool
  • Second Chance NSF
  • Criticized Assets Report
  • Reg D Account Transfer Limit
  • Loan Fee Calculator
  • Escrow Overage Deposit

Account/Relationship Analyzer 0 reviews
This DNAapp provides financial institutions the ability to display a variety of information for Deposit and Loan accounts and allows the user to print the subsequent information of ‘Deposit Accounts’ and ‘Loan Accounts’.
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Loan Skip Payment Service 0 reviews
This DNAapp will automate a skip payment extension for calendar period loans.
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Overdraft Research Tool 7 reviews
This DNAapp is a great way to streamline your customer service and research processes that involve overdraft research. By doing so you can provide better and faster customer service for your clients while lowering your overall cost to serve a client.
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Second Chance NSF 0 reviews

This DNAapp will reevaluate transactions that originally raised 'insufficient funds' or 'uncollected funds' alerts from the ACH or Inclearing/Share draft processing, to determine if funds are now available to pay the item.

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Criticized Assets Report 0 reviews
The Criticized Asset Report assists in the monitoring of an institutions criticized assets. It collects all the information needed by Lenders, Credit Departments, Loan Review and Risk Management Departments to allow for quick analysis without wading through several screens of information.
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Reg D Account Transfer Limit 0 reviews
This DNAapp will stop any transfer or draw from any account if the draw account has reached it's Reg D limits.
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Loan Fee Calculator 0 reviews
The new Fee Calculation screen allows the User to view the Borrower’s loan and collateral information in order to assess a fee, while also giving the flexibility to choose what values will be included in the fee calculation and how the fee will be calculated.
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Escrow Overage Deposit 0 reviews
This DNAapp automatically deposits escrow overages into an accountholder’s primary share or deposit account after which the DNAapp adds a message to the accountholder’s Escrow Analysis Statement identifying the account that the surplus was deposited into. It reduces the costs of sending paper checks and provides accountholders access to their surplus funds faster.
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